The First Books

Lucy started reading Don Quixote, so we start there.

49. Cervantes: Don Quixote


7. Sophocles: Plays
Women of Trachis

1. Bhagavatgita

6. Herodotus: Histories

29. Gibbon: Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

40. Dante: Divine Comedy (Tr. By John Ciardi)


2 Responses to “The First Books”

  1. Ilia Blinderman (@iliablinderman) Says:


    I wanted to link to Brodsky’s list in a piece I’m putting together. I wanted to give credit where credit’s due, and was hoping to get in touch—any chance we could speak/email? If so, how do I get in contact with you?



    • Monica Says:

      Hey, Ilia, sure, just tried to contact you on Twitter… You can email me at screenwritertoscreenwriter at gmail. Thanks.

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